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                             is a member of SMOI (Silk mark organisation of India). SMOI is a registered society sponsered by the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. 

What is silk mark 

Silk mark is an quality assurance label, which is affixed only on pure and natural silk products.

What is silk 

Silk is a continuous protein filament secreted by silkworms. Natural sheen, light weight, excellent drape, warm in winter and cool in summer. Mulberry silk is the most commonly used silk. Tussar, Muga and Eri silk are India's wild silk (vanya silk).

Silk Care

> Do dry clean, at least the first wash.

> Do not store silk without dry cleaning.

> Expose the silk fabrics periodically to natural atmosphere.

> Dry the silk under shade.

> Use silica gel sachet while storing silk fabrics.

> Iron in medium heat. 

How to test your silk 

Take a thread from the fabric and burn it with a flame. Pure silk burns with the smell of burnt hair. When you burn the edge of real silk fabric, the flame is invisible and it will stop burning as soon as the flame is removed. The ash produced hence, is black, crispy and brittle. It turns to powder when twisted in fingers.With the artificial silk, it is quite the opposite. When synthetic silk is burnt, there is a flame and smell of plastic.



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